Saturday, April 7, 2012

All the fears

> while getting to know Marc for the first time, walking with him across a high bridge
> talk about my fear of falling down from a bridge
> been telling him about my other fears as well (guys, spiders, scary movies and games, creepers, official phone calls, changing light bulbs and many other)
> he was being really gloomy and sarcastic back then, trying to put up a cold front
> "You're really scared of many things, huh?"
> "Would seem so."
> "Is there anything you are not scared of?"
> "Iuno."

And now...

> "Hey, when was your next dentist time?"
> "I think it's in May.. why do you ask?"
> "Well, just to make sure I won't have anything to do on that day so that I can come with you."
> Oh you
> realize how much I love him

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