Thursday, March 22, 2012

World is Mine

Picture from MtG-confessions
In addition of preparing for the cosplay season next summer (which means making the suit, checking dieting habits and doing large amounts of exercise) I have been hyping over a certain blog which seems to lead me to understand that Vocaloids are going on a world tour!

If you don't know what a vocaloid is, shame on you. If you do, and don't get the appeal, you remind me of myself a year back or so.
If you do and you do get the appeal, good!

When I first heard a vocaloid song (I think it was Po Pi Po) I felt extremely annoyed. What is this? High-pitch voices and bright colours. Really annoying.

Then I ran into the song World is Mine and recognized myself from every lyric. That was when I decided to give vocaloids another chance. I discovered that it wasn't that bad. (And when I fell into a rougher spot in my life because of a guy, Two-Faced Lovers was on my mp3-player more often than it was probably healthy.)

Also, as a musician, I'm trying to keep an open mind to new ways of making music. Vocaloid is probably one of the most original "modern" ways of music making. That's another reason for me to like it. And if vocaloids are really going on a world tour (or even if just Miku is) I will be going to see them live.

I guess this was really random post. Maybe I'll make another one.

Also, I ordered 5000 aluminum rings for Chandra's chainmail shirt. I really need to get a job for summer.


> Let Marc know that since I'll be starting my cosplay season, I will no longer be allowed to eat cake while out
> "Okay. No cake for you."
> "Except when I graduate."
> "Okay. One piece."
> *glare* "As many pieces as I want."
> he realizes that arguing is futile and leaves it at that

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