Thursday, March 15, 2012

Twilight Princess

"I want tea."
"*pin hands down* Your boob touching privileges shall be diminished until I get my tea!"
"*stops laughing* You are so mean."
"My tea is late."

Green tea is my favourite, right after Chai.
Just to let you know, I'm really fond of tea. (And I'm a fiend for anything sweet to go with it, but usually I just drink tea.) Green tea, black tea, white tea, red tea - my tea shelf always has at least four different qualities, even when I try not to buy new tea before I'm finished with the old ones. (Despite that, I have various tea qualities at my own place, and various tea qualities at Marquise's place as well.) Marquise is very kind and prepares me tea whenever I feel like it, which is every so often.

Also, he knows that if my tea is late, I turn into a meanie.

But, in terms of gaming, I've been trying to finish The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, now that I finally have gotten my hands on it. Just for the record,Ocarina of Time is the game for me when it comes to nostalgy, and I really greatly like it. So far the best thing I have said about Twilight Princess is...

"It's kinda like..."
"You know?"
"Yeah, better version of Ocarina of Time."
"I mean, with different story and stuff, but..."
"The awesomeness is there."

It's like a more awesome Ocarina of Time. The graphs are awesome, and Link, my childhood hero, is to die for. The story (which, for me, is always the number one thing to check about a new game) is possessive and interesting enough to keep my attention span, and the music is great. Since I've been really busy with my studies, Marquise managed to get through it before I did. He's been a great help whenever my brain somehow managed to half-function and get me stuck on an obvious solution.

So far I like Link, I like how Zelda is portrayed in this game, and I even have momentarily tolerance for Midna. I hated her when I started out. But she's okay. Kinda. She's starting to be okay more often than not.

So until I get some new interesting process with Twilight Princess, such as the ending video or something, I'll concentrate blogging about other things. (Such as Majora's Mask, or more tea entries.)

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