Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tea and thesis

I wonder if it's terrible to call a guy 'cute'.

It's weekend. Usually we'd be sleeping at his place during the weekend (because his place has a bigger bed), but since his laptop is broken and I really need to get my thesis stop playing dead, we stayed at my place. I thought I'd ask Katsu if he could take a look at it (as soon as he stops pissing off his teachers, god damnit).

Since I had this week off from school, days passed pretty much like this:
> Shena wakes up, leaves bf to sleep, eats breakfast
> opens computer, checks e-mail, opens thesis, opens blog, starts surfing
> Marquise wakes up
> HFW he sees I'm surfing instead of writing

> Makes me tea anyway, starts playing with my PSP
> Shena closes blog, opens thesis, closes thesis
> Goes demand attention from bf
> Both go out somewhere
> Meet Shena's friends, eat out a lot
> Do shopping, come home
> Shena opens computer, opens thesis
> "...."
> Goes to bf
> "Make me tea."
> Marquise makes tea for Shena, everyone is happy.
> Desperate attempts of writing thesis
> Giving up, having sex, going to bed.
> Repeat the morning after.

Since tomorrow I need to get back to school, he's going to spend some more time on his own again. (I swear, sometimes I feel terrible about leaving him alone. Just like I would feel terrible about leaving a puppy.) I've been prodding him to do something creative since his studies are on a hold, but so far I've only managed to get him take care of a certain hobby of mine I can't currently take care of myself (the said hobby being gardening).

To make up for that, I do my best not to punch him when he tickles me. He does make me tea, after all.

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  1. It must be hard getting rid of distractions, don't worry it's perfectly normal when you're running out of thesis ideas. Hopefully your thesis has made progress since then.