Monday, March 19, 2012

So what am I going to do in Luxembourg?

So, as I mentioned in a couple of posts earlier, I'll be departing to Luxembourg next week. I'm not going to drag needless amounts of luggage with me, so no TV, no consoles, no computer. (Only a laptop. Maybe I can fit Katawa Shoujo in it's tiny memory.)

So what am I going to do? No video games for two months? I'm not sure if I would manage all too well with that.That's one of the reason I am very fond of my PSP, whom I have named Freddie II (Freddie I was my first computer ever, buried him last year). (He had an external memory called Mike, which should still be intact, but for some reason it refuses to work with my current computer.Maybe it's the ghost taking revenge for ditching him.)

I'm aware that many people don't really like PSP, or the games designed for it. (I've had this conversation with Katsu various times. He claims that there are only several good games for PSP, and that I haven't played any of them.) But with my PSP, I will be taking Patapon 2 (because the first one was a blast!), Crisis Core (because oh-the-drama) and Breath of fire 3, because I haven't had enough time to really give it a proper chance.

Crisis Core? Played Final Fantasy 7 and loved it. (To the extent of making my first cosplay with Aeris.) Played Crisis Core just because I played Final Fantasy 7, and loved it surprisingly much. Zack is one of the best characters ever, what with his never-dying optimism and dedication to what he does. (Also, even when he's really, really annoying, his confidence is a major turn-on for me, and causes me to fall under the fan girl category.)

In addition to that, a random tea moment from my life: after cooking meal for Marquise, I prepared some tea for him. And myself.
> Drink my own tea, don't see anything wrong with that
> He comes to hover behind my shoulder to see what I'm doing
> I notice he forgets his tea on the table but don't read too much into it
>Just before we're about depart taste his tea
> Turn to him and start whimpering
> His face: "wtf."
> "I just forgot it there."
> Proceed into continuing whimpering like a hurt puppy and making other kinds of pathetic noises.
> He looks at me and starts laughing and shaking his head.

He makes better tea than I do. And I'm supposed to be the tea elitist.

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