Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pon-pon, pata-pon

I've been seeing really vivid dreams of late, I don't know why. Could be all that jogging and blood circulating all the way to my brains instead of getting stuck to my shoulders (which are a lost case in the case of being stiff). Or just settling to the new place.

So anyway, my first work week is officially over! Huzzah! I've managed to kickstart my German speaking, surviving on my own in Luxembourg and the bus drives there (which might not sound much, but I have a shit sense of direction), and generally managed to settle down here. And since I am having all my evenings off (and didn't feel too much like checking out the city social circles life yet) (just kidding, it's just because I'm kind of a social failure) I thought I'd spend a nice Friday night at home playing Patapon.

While it's not the most epic and not awesome thing ever to play, I think that it's one of the best games I have on my PSP. (There aren't really that many to choose from but what the hell.) Psychoactive primal drumming. Feels good man. And the sense of having your own private army marching through the world and calling you their Almighty? I could imagine worse ways of spending my time.

Let's get serious, though.

One thing I like about the Patapon series is the originality. Occasionally you run into something that is different from anything you have seen. Something new has been tried and made.

Yeah, I mean of course I want clothes that grant me special talents. But I don't want this game. Ever ever ever ever. That's like four ever.

Sometimes trying new things ends up in "what did I just see" and trying to find an undo button (which sadly doesn't exist IRL). FFX2 is a four-symbol combination that makes me very sad whenever anyone mentions it.

Doing it right.

Patapon is a game that's surprisingly good, entertaining and challenging for it's simplicity. Unless you're completely handicapped rhythm-wise, I think it's hard not to enjoy this game. It promises very little (unlike I do) but leaves a print in your heart. At least it did to mine. And the story - when you expect that such a game would barely have any story at all - is actually surprisingly good. A good old adventure tale. I want more of these.

So I bought the first game, played it through, then sadly sold it and bought Loco Roco, which was the most failure bartering ever after I really got to try it out. (Shortly after I sold Loco Roco as well and bought Patapon 2, which I currently have under gaming now.) It's not something that makes you think hard and use your brain capacity to it's fullest, but it requires your concentration. Not even necessarily your love; just concentrating. And for a game that sometimes requires that you go back and repeat some of the tasks you've already done, it's surprisingly rewarding.

That being said, I considered shortly today of taking up watching Naruto again. Then I happened to stumble upon the word 'Jashinism' in ED, as well as the symbol combination SP941, and was reminded of all the reasons why I stopped watching Naruto. (For the record, it wasn't just because the series got really bad and awkward after the first season, and it wasn't just because of the bit-too-colourful character cavalcade, it wasn't just the music getting less impressive than it was when I started watching it from the very beginning, and it wasn't just because Sasuke turned into some kind of weird-mutant-ninja-turtle-no-just-mutant-creature. An evil one. Mostly, it was just because of the people known as narutards.)

Guess I'll watch Utawarerumono instead.

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