Saturday, March 24, 2012

Moving luv

"A dilemma of yours is a dilemma of mine. I exist for your sake."

Katsu finally managed to both convince and aid me to get MuvLuv working, as I hastily mentioned in one of my bleg posts. So far it has managed to keep my undivided attention. (Even when it reminds me painfully of Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien. âge really has a weird habit of making the girl with long, blue hair to be the slutty one, and use a protagonist with red hair.) (Not that I mind. I have red hair after all. And I've met my fair share of sluts and bitches.) (None of them had blue hair though.)

Sumika and I share similar problems. Difficult personality, insufficient rack (hers is definitely bigger than mine) and a guy who is ignorant as hell. (The last isn't an issue to me anymore, but Marc was really thick when we first met. It took me ages, and some help from Teragon, to convince him that he wants to date me. *nods*) Katsu swore that the protagonist resembles him.

> "You see the resemblance yet?"
> "Well, the resemblance is certainly there. You have never groped me though, the gentleman you are."
> "You have never woken me up from middle of a Valgernon-related dream."
> "Point taken."

Sumika also seems to be relatively short, at least compared to the blue haired.... s... w... girl. But what really strikes me about the novel is not the resemblance to real life characters, it's the interesting thing called love.

Love is a dilemma to me. There was one guy I used to love, and it ended in a really, really crappy way. Gosh, it sounds like such a cliche, but I haven't been able to really "love" anyone ever since. I really wish I could, though; because despite all that pain, it's the best you will ever feel, no matter what.

And I guess that's an issue. If "love" is eternal, and the other person stops loving you, then what? You go and find another "eternal" love? I think that's just sad.

Still, I might be a bit broken wreck, but Marc is a great guy. I might not have been able to open up to him fully yet, but any dilemma of his is a dilemma of mine, and if I can help or assist him in any way, then I shall do so without a question. He's... honest, gentle and attentive, and if I could one day grow to love him like I used to be capable of loving, I would not mind it. At. All.

Meanwhile, I just want to do my best to make him happy, no matter what.


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