Thursday, March 22, 2012


Recently, I had to explain to Marc what "yandere" means. (Those who don't know, gugurekasu.) That gave me the idea that as soon as we have time, we're going to watch Higurashi. I've been wanting to watch both of them again (Ni and Ni Kai, I'm not too interested in Rei) and educating him about crazy girls seems to be a decent idea. Mostly because all of the amusement.

So I thought I'd share with you an addiction of mine.

Unlike all of my gaming, my playing of Minecraft has been severely limited by the intensity of my studies. (With which I am currently in a REALLY shitty position in, because I should return my thesis tomorrow for proof-reading. The final, absolute deadline. And what am I doing instead of finishing it? Writing a blog post. The demon king shall surely get me for this.)

Most of the games I have played have been introduced to me either by my ex, Marc, or Teragon. Minecraft was introduced to me by the last of the list. When I was still Teragon's roommate, we'd play many games together: CHZO mythos, Final Fantasy 9, and - yes - Minecraft. How romantic.

Oh come on. If you can point me a person who hasn't played with lego blocks as a child, the only thing I see is a person who had an unhappy childhood. For me, Minecraft was just that: building with lego blocks. And I was greatly satisfied with it being just that.

Creepers and skeletons REALLY creeped me out though.
Now, there are two things why I'm not really "good" with Minecraft. One thing is that I'm too scared of everything that moves (Teragon always calls me a wussy for playing on the peaceful mode). Second thing is that my sense of direction is... epic.

There are many stories I could tell you about me getting lost IRL, most of them really amusing. Some of you probably have read Ranma 1/2. You remember Ryoga? I'm not that bad, but he's really, really close to my own sense of direction. I'm very much unable of navigating through new surroundings, and I always require someone to show me around before I can properly steer myself in a new place.

(*mutters* But I'm working on it!)

How is this relevant? I stopped counting all the times when I got too lost on Minecraft to find my way back home when I hit 25. (And when Teragon explained to me how the compass works. After that I only had to rebuild my HQ couple of times.) All that getting lost and effort I deemed wasted, because I thought I was being too clingy and high-maintenance if I'd ask Teragon to take me back each time I got lost, and the game slowly lost its charm. Nowadays I don't play it as often as I used to, but on occasions.

So that's the story of me in a Minecraft world. Now I think I need to shake off Herobrine from my mind and start concentrating on that thesis.

... my stomach hurts and turns every time I even dare to think about it. I hope I'm not coming down with something this close to travelling.

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