Sunday, March 25, 2012

Melodies of Life

Enter Final Fantasy 9 entry!

As I mentioned earlier, FF7 happens to be one of my favourite games. Earlier I used to say that it's the best from the whole series. I thought that it was peerless, even when it was a bit clumsy. And FF8 was a disappointment anyway.

Then Teragon introduced me to FF9 and I needed to reconsider my view on 7. Compared to 9, it was... rough around the edges, and not just graphics-wise. It was unfinished upon publishing (is what I believe) and it was clearly visible. It could have been better. (Like 6.)

The characters of 9 are awesome. It took me some time to accept the fact that the protagonist is in fact a monkey boy and the game is filled with pre-teen furries, but once you got over the initial shock it wasn't really that bad...

Now, I cry reasonably much. My only excuse for doing that is that I'm a girl, but I don't exactly hate it. I like being able to show my emotions and feelings and not hold them in my sleeves. One of the various game scenes that have caused me to cry was related to the guy below and happened on the first disc. I think that's a speed record on how fast any game has ever made me cry.
Made of awesomeness.
I'm a sucker for steampunk, and that's probably one of the reasons I like FF9 so much. I mean, steampunk airships. The only thing that's better than steampunk is steampunk pirates in outer space (see Treasure Planet). I was feeling rather grumpy about letting it surpass 7 in my mind, but after I had met the colourful character cavalcade, I simply couldn't help myself.

Also, the music was more folk-ish than in any other FF-game I have played. "The place I'll return to somewhere", "You're not alone" (< awesome track) and "Something to protect". It also has some really touching tracks; Rose of May, Melodies of Life... and don't you think Kuja's theme is just great?

I know that feel
As for my favourite characters, Garnet is not included. (I did have a dance pad competition against Garnet when I was cosplaying Aeris, btw. I won!) Vivi is a certain winner, and I like Zidane's attitude to life. But as for the definite number one, it's a tough tie between Freya (on the left) and Beatrix. Both of whom are portrayed on the first picture in this post.

Out of playable characters, I loved Freya the most. She has suffered great much because of love, but she's not bitter, and doesn't stand still in her life. She does her duties and never really did give up in regards of Sir Fratley (before it was really obvious that they could never work out. Like, really, really obvious.) In addition to that, she was always a part of my team, because ever since my first experience with FF-series, I've been hooked to the dragoon class. (Jump, jump, jump.) Freya has presented the class very well, and was one of my favourite party members just because of her playability.

( <- If you know who these guys are, tell me so that  I can credit their awesomeness)

Out of all the characters, I liked Beatrix. Not just because she's awesome in general, but because she has an awesome theme music, and she's the "you can never beat me"-bad ass of the game. (Or good ass. Go and tell~) I like her because of her devotion to her cause, to her superiors, and to her sword.

About the plot; I think it was more consuming than any other plot in the game series. It dealt with more serious issues, and it was actually Final Fantasy (not "Final Science Fiction" like 7 was). As far as escapism goes, I prefer fantasy over sci-fi. But that's just me being a girl.

Oh, and I hated that little girl. Whatshername. Teragon kept laughing at me when I told him I just want to drop her off somewhere and leave her to rot.


Marc is being really suspicious in regards of 9, but I think I'll end up getting him to play it ^o^ somehow!

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