Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Magic: The Gathering

Picture by Steve Argyle. Make sure to check out his webpage, where he features his awesome art.

The last friday was the last day of school for me before May. I braced myself for the horrors it might bring. I don't consider myself antisocial, I like being around most people, but I simply hate my current school class. No offence to anyone in it, but I'm not really a fan. Felt like an outsider for the whole year, and still don't really feel any different. All my meh when that day was finally over.

So I'm in Luxembourg now, and it's so far very awesome. Castles and all. I slept in one last night and it was the best night's sleep I have had in a good while! Almost a shame I am moving out today. I should learn to speak German and French, or even one of them, in order to get by in here better. Tomorrow what awaits will be an adventure all by myself in the capital city. Oh the horror of my horrible sense of direction.

Also, to the theme of the day, Aldo Leopold:

"This sounds simple: do we not already sing our love for and obligation to the land of the free and the home of the brave? Yes, but just what and whom do we love? Certainly not the soil, which we are sending helter-skelter down river. Certainly not the waters, which we assume have no function except to turn turbines, float barges, and carry off sewage. Certainly not the plants, of which we exterminate whole communities without batting an eye. Certainly not the animals, of which we have already extirpated many of the largest and most beautiful species. A land ethic of course cannot prevent the alteration, management, and use of these ‘resources,’ but it does affirm their right to continued existence, and, at least in spots, their continued existence in a natural state. In short, a land ethic changes the role of Homo sapiens from conqueror of the land-community to plain member and citizen of it. It implies respect for his fellow-members, and also respect for the community as such."

In other words, I'm doing some hippie stuff in here (in addition of trying to get by with my horrible German and what small vocabulary of French I have). Maybe I'll write more about it in the coming days. Meanwhile, below one of the adventures I've had while here.

> Alone in the castle
> Get told that I need to get sheets after 17.00 from the reception
> Go there
> "Hello."
> "Bon soir."
> "... do you speak English?"
> "Non..."
> ".. Deutsch?"
> "Non", something I assume that means "just French"
> "Okay um..."
> The lady asks something in French
> Obviously as confused as I am
> I manage to spout out my employer's name (who apparently called that I'd be here to pick the sheets up)
> She says something I don't understand, but apparently is asking if I'm sharing a room with the man I mentioned
> "Non, je suis... um... Ich meine... je parler ne francais..."
> "Ohh..."
> Calls someone
> "Okay" is only thing I understand
> Gives me the sheets
> "Merci!!"
> Hasty retreat

So yeah. Tomorrow I should find my way around the city.


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