Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In the World of Warcraft

> Walk hand in hand with Marquise
> Arrive to traffic lights
> Try to use the hand he's holding from to push the button
> In the last moment he pulls the hand back, pushes the button with his other hand and yells "HA!"
> Realize how much I love him
> Turn all the traffic lights into a contest of who gets to press the button

I mentioned few days ago that Marquise took me to see This Means War. For some reason, I find myself more attracted to action movies with a hint of romance than romance movies with a hint of action. (Unless they're romantic comedies, in which case I can just hang my brain on a laundry rope and turn it off until the movie is over.) I did like the movie. Going to movies with him usually includes an after-talk (after he took me to see In Time, we actually went to Subway. Neither of us were hungry, but we took two teas because we wanted to talk and process about the awesomeness that movie was), which this time was about being dishonest to please a girl. Neither of us found dishonesty to be a good option, no matter the situation.

Gonna come out from the closet now; I've played World of Warcraft since the vanilla. I started off with zero information about WC3 lore.The only thing I really knew about it was that it had RP-servers. (I'm a fluffyfurry and a lorefreak no matter the game. So it shouldn't really come off as a surprise that I'm a roleplayer as well.) So I picked a race, didn't want to pick anything too fancy (that, and my ex was pressuring me to pick the same race as he did) so I was about to make a human character.

"Wait, do they have hunters?"
"Um, no, I don't think so."
"Hunters can have pets, right?"
"Uhm, yeah."
"I want to be a hunter."
".. but humans can't choose hunters."

Oh, the sweet joys of vanilla <3

So anyways, I wanted to be a hunter, and I wanted to play with him, so I had to play on Alliance. Back then it was either a dwarf or a night elf.

The choice WAS obvious for me.
So I made a character, started playing, started roleplaying. At some point, played Warcraft 3 through, loved every moment of it, and totally fell in love with night elves, because their treehugger society is really something I really related to. (That, and the way they shot arrows to anyone's head who dared to hurt their woods. I really loved that part.)

I loved playing a hunter! I was pretty much a coward back then, and socially really awkward, so it was better than fitting for me to roleplay a socially awkward, shy night elf hunter, who could just send her pet in and shoot the enemy from the distance.

I think that WoW, for me, was one of the first games where the looks mattered. It was visual eyecandy for me, and I fell in love with the landscapes. I hated questing and leveling, but I'd do it anyway in order to get to see new areas. (My all-time favourites involve Ashenvale, Plaguelands and Silverpine forest. Scarlet Monastery was an awesome dungeon.) At first, when I only played with my ex, we only played in Eastern Kingdoms (because he demanded that, and that's where the roleplaying was). Later on, when I had made other friends, I spent most of my time in either Duskwood, Westfall, or anywhere in Kalimdor.

Then came the Burning Crusade.

I wasn't active in the raid scene back then, so I only got second-hand updates about Illidan Stormrage being the sorest pussy ever when TBC had been out for two weeks. (Whatwith being almost literally butt-raped several times a day from then on.) So apparently it was a disappointment to some.

For me, I liked all the commotion it awoke. I also liked how it made my current guild give me so much peer pressure that I just had to level. (I mentioned it before, I'll say it again: I hated leveling with passion.) And I can't deny, I really wanted to see Outlands.

When I did, though.

Hellfire Peninsula - So this is Outlands...

All that meh.

My feelings on Terokkar were very much the same. Boring. Boringboringboring. When I got to Shattrath, I instantly gave up on any hope that things would ever get better.

Then I got to Zangarmarsh.

And Nagrand.

Blade's Edge Mountains was cool too, but I devoted myself to wandering around Zangarmarsh, finishing all the quests, and then protecting Halaa from Horde. So the Outlands wasn't all that bad. Back in TBC, we had a "team" of three hunters and a druid, and we'd do lots of dungeons together. The druid being the tank AND the healer, because he was the most awesome thing ever.

Theeeen, came the WotLK, and the death knights. By then I had already gotten the hang of PvP and actually liked some of it. (I actually was good with some of it.) I hadn't bothered to read through the patch notes (bad, bad mistake) before I went to a BG for the first time. I was just casually hanging around, shooting from the distance, when...

"? I'm in the middle of the battle?" *Death.* *Respawn* *Whatjusthappened*

When the thing happens again, I see that there are death knights there. Oh, right, the new hero class. And he's aiming at me... with what?

Fucking Death Grip.

So I focused on questing and leveling some more, and got really much into playing a droid. Healers in BG's weren't really popular back then, but I've never really been the one to go with the crowd. So a restodruid. Problem?

And that's actually where my WoW experience... ends. I have played Cataclysm some, I played WotLK longer than the text gives out, but back then I realized that I'm spending too much time on the game. I wanted to graduate where I'm currently studying at, and started really paying attention to studying. Got good grades, am now almost out of the school. I'm thinking of starting WoW again as soon as I graduate, as a reward for myself for putting up with the teachers and the education for so long. (Which is one of the reasons I wanted to write this entry.)

Oh, and in the end, story from real life.
> Try to write thesis
> Fail
> Look in the mirror
> Hair is filthy
> Attempt to go to shower
> Bf stops me and wants to cuddle
> Laugh him off, make him some tea, go to shower
> Forget to take off the nail jewelry

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