Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In the Shadow (of a Colossus)

Marquise has never played WoW, and he didn't much care for Final Fantasy 7 either. One thing we did play together from the beginning to the end was Shadow of the Colossus.

Now, I love the game from the bottoms of my heart. I love how it's not filled with "oh-so-funny" side characters. I love the solitude feeling I get from the game. I love the music (the best soundtrack I've ever heard, honestly). I love the landscapes. I love how the game doesn't really offer all that much to do, just concentrating on the one thing - rescuing (resurrecting) your beloved one, save for the hunt of lizards.


I also think it's one of the greatest love stories ever. Why let some small inconveniences like death stop you from being in love with the person you happen to be in love with? Why not start killing off ancient, god-like beings in the faint hope of resurrecting your beloved one? Why bother with the "getting over"-process, if this person really was and is the one for you? In the modern world view where relationships are disposable, I really appreciate the story. (Even when my own view of "eternal" love might be a bit crooked.)

I find the game alluring and majestetic, beautiful and sorrow-tuned, all at the same time. And epic. Really, really epic. Did I mention I really like it?

It also always makes me feel more at ease with life. Last weekend I attended to bouncer training session. ("Doorman" would be one way of putting it, yes, but since I'm not a man...) It was cool, but really tiring, what with all the studies and work still on the surface. That was the day of crappy mood. I kept growling at Marc, snapping at Teragon, and falling into pits of desperation and darkness.

Then I decided that I had tried enough for one day, closed down my computer, and pulled Shadow of the Colossus from my game shelf. Opened TV, started playing.

Five minutes into killing the first Colossus I'm already feeling less sparky and more mellow. Thus the world was saved from infinite rages of an ill-tempered lady.

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