Friday, March 16, 2012

I hate solitaire

Background information: Marquise is tall, broad, and generally the type of a guy who looks like you don't want to mess with. In his heart, he's just a little kitten who purrs and likes cuddling.

"One day, I'm going to tape you doing that kitten thing with your hand and upload it on YouTube."
"You wouldn't."
"Or maybe to my blog."
"I haven't read your blog."
"Now you know it exists."

I actually had two cats, but I had to give them away due to my allergy.
So now that I've gotten back from Ethiopia, and I have two weeks before I'm heading to Luxembourg (both journeys are relevant to my studies, I won't graduate this spring unless I make them) I should be married to my thesis. Instead I'm stuck reading blogs (mostly adventureswithchingchong and blindgf) and trying desperately to prove myself that I do have a solid idea. After all, I need to return it by next week's friday.

I'm a dead (wo)man.

Anyways. While seemingly busy and all, whenever I am working at somewhere else than my home pc (where all the good links are) I seem to be drawn to playing Solitaire. A game which, just for the record, I hate. I like playing it with real cards, but clicking and dragging isn't really my idea of fun. Still I play it when there's nothing better available. What gives? Shouldn't writing my thesis be more important than doing something that utterly boring?

Obviously not. Obviously my subconscious wants me to fail and give me graduating for a Christmas present. But I'd like it before my summer holidays, thank you very much!

But, yeah. Asides my kitten-butler-boyfriend, weird-but-awesome-friends and playing-the-dead-thesis, I bought some nail jewelry. Girly stuff, it's roses and diamonds! I think Marquise didn't mind, in fact he did seem to think it rather stylish.

If they somehow manage to keep me playing properly with a controller, I'll give them to my sister or something.

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