Friday, March 23, 2012

Extended deadline

Friday night w/ thesis
Elune be praised!!! They extended the deadline by one week. It's just the very one thing I wanted to hear. Now I'm maybe not going to die, and might actually make it in time. Hallelujah! Marc has been prodding me to write my thesis, which is both annoying and endearing, seeing that he actually cares. Since he's providing me with tea while I'm writing he occasionally also checks I am actually working and not, for example, reading visual novels.

> Try to read MuvLuv
> "Shena, write."
> Go back to writing
> Sneakily try to read blogs
> bf comes with a teacup
> "Shena, back to writing."
> Back to writing
> Just a little break to read Hanako's first chapter again
> "Write, I'm not wanting to listen how you need to spend another six months at school because you didn't feel like writing"
> Uwaaa
> "I love you"
> Realize he's right
> Still hate his guts for that one day

But now that the deadline is extended, I don't have a worry in the world. Muah! (Doesn't mean I can activate my WoW account. Means I need to write, recheck, reschedule, write, proofread, receive feedback, and above all, write.)

(I'm not usually the cheesy type, but being together with Marc certainly brings out that side of me.
> He uses my computer for browsing because his is broken
> Stare at him for the longest while
> He turns and ask "what?"
> "Do you know what I'm looking at?"
> "No?"
> "A guy I'd want to marry one day."
> He goes speechless
> Just smiles and holds me for the longest while, then logs out so that I can write thesis when he makes me more tea)

I really need to find some time to write about Tales of Vesperia. I'd really love to cosplay that one day.

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  1. Extended deadlines can really be a grace to students who are writing their thesis paper. But, it should be a reason to lay back on work. It would be good to finish thesis writing early on to avoid problems and mistake on the long run. Anyway, what happened to your thesis project?