Monday, March 26, 2012

The cracks of wrist

> Fool around on the bed with bf
> Turn on your side
> Wrist makes a really loud cracking sound
> Bf gets this really horrified look on his face
> Shena starts laughing
> Really loud, really long
> "... what the, why are you laughing?"
> I have no idea why I'm laughing
> Didn't hurt anyway

My laptop (Acer's AspireOne) gave me the black screen of death the other day when I tried to install Windows XP on it.Worked the whole day to get it to work, and finally managed to make it turn up. Now I'm getting "Error 17" whenever I open it. Katsu said it sounds like a motherboard error, so I'm a bit worried.. but going back to it tomorrow.

Other than that, I've been planning my next summer's cosplay.

The lady with an attitude.
That chain mail shirt will be my biggest challenge ever.

Also, am currently travelling to Luxembourg. Feeling homesick already, but it will be a great experience. I should stop being such a homesick wussy anyway.

.. can't help feeling a little sad though. It will be 7 weeks before I will see my beloved Marc again.

Agh! Can't stand it! Please let these weeks pass quickly, onegai!

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